If you didn't know, After Effects has these things called "Layer Styles". These are similar, but are NOT the same as effects. As layer styles are applied after everything else. I will go more in-depth about layer styles in a future tutorial, but this should give you the basics of all you really need to know right now.

Clicking on stroke you can see that it will apply a very simple "outline" effect. If you've ever used a program like Photoshop this might seem familiar.

However you seem to notice something when motion blur is applied. The motion blur does not effect the stroke style we added. :(
Luckily for us effects are here to not make us bang our head against the fucking table.

Copy my settings here. All this basically does is "mask" the transparent part of our clip with blue, Keylight will key out the blue, and the "Screen Matte" will expand the key-ed out background and replace it with the "Replace Colour". You can mess with the settings if you want. I would also recommend creating a user-made-preset since you might be using this a lot.

Seeing as the effect is now applied BEFORE the motion blur, it will now be effected by it.

The default colour of After Effects might not suit you, for example I really hate blue and want to change it to orange. Or maybe you do like blue but want to darken or lighten it, here's how to do it.

Open up After Effects and press (Ctrl + F12), this will open up the console. Press the dropdown on the panel and click Debug Database View. Set Enable_Theme_Colorizing to "true".

Go into Preferences > Appearance, and now you can change the colour to whatever you want.

Blog is set up, and funny thing is it runs off Github Pages. There really isn't much to say as of right now. But I'll update this frequently with new information and tutorials. !

For now have this banana. But expect a lot more in the future, I will totally make this wait worthwhile. Also you can click one of those tabs on the right hand side for more links to other stuff. Mainly just random sites and things I could think of. I was hoping it would add to the site, and the only thing it really added was loading time.

Anyway I spent way too long on this, expect more from me soon. Thank you!


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